16 Household Things That Become Dangerous When Expired

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We are always mindful of checking the shelf-life of milk but we are we forget to check the life spans of other household items, like hygiene products. But, they can cause destruction to your health once they have expired. Here are 25 Continue reading to learn more about the items you need to throw out in the past.

1. Eye Contact Cases

White and Blue Contact Lens Container on the Blue Table

Eye contact-wearers may have developed a habit of changing their solution however, you probably weren’t aware that your contacts have been contaminated with numerous bacteria over time. These could cause the eye to become infected. Replace the contact with a new lens after three months of use at the most.

2. Loofahs

A Body Brush with Wooden Handle on Loofah Sponge

You should reconsider your bathing routine using the loofah for cleaning. The handheld scrubber is simple to scrub the dirt off your skin and spread germs because of the humid environment. After each use, rinse it and allow it to dry in a cool location. It is then time to swap it for a new one within three to four weeks.

3. Mouthwash

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Another item for your hygiene to watch out for is mouthwash. It generally will last between 2 and 3 years, however, those with alcohol in them will break down and then become useless. Make sure you check the expiration date on the packaging and make sure you are using it prior to it turning bad!

4. Disposable Razors

Close-Up Photo of a Blue and Gray Razor on a White Surface

Disposable razors are much more convenient than their electronic counterpart, particularly when you’re working. But, they could be a great source of bacteria. Create a new one after three shavings to keep skin irritation from occurring and avoid skin rashes.

5. Vegetable Oil

Bowl Being Poured With Yellow Liquid

You must be aware that vegetable oil that is expired, or the harmful compounds it produces can cause you to be prone to heart disease, and even cancer. The shelf life of vegetable oil is typically around six months after you open it. However, it can turn cloudy after. Opt for smaller bottles if aren’t using them often.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

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In terms of first aid equipment, hydrogen peroxide is among the five essentials that be thought of. When it is opened it will transform into water within some months. The closed bottle is only able to be kept for one year.

7. Petroleum Jelly

person holding blue and white plastic container

Petroleum jelly is a necessity in every home. However, it is not able to be kept from deteriorating over time. It is a source of bacteria each time you dip your fingers into the huge cube. You should think about small containers if aren’t sure if you want to use them!

8. Pillows

Have you ever thought to yourself, that the bed isn’t the best? It could be full of dead hair cells, skin cells, and body oils, and can result in dust mites. Do not sneeze in case you suffer from asthma and allergies.

9. Feminine Care Products

purple soft-tube and container

Another household item that you wouldn’t think of having an expiration date for is feminine products for hygiene. Tampons are usually made from cotton, which makes them susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. Keep an eye on the time of storage periodically.

10. Pacifier

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Whatever the length of time your baby’s pacifier from latex is in use, make sure to change it out with a new one every two weeks. It’s more likely to break in time, and the resulting cracks are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

11. Batteries

In general, batteries have an average lifespan of 10 years. As time passes, they’ll lose acid. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep a new battery in your possession so that you can swap it in the event of a need in an emergency.

12. Fire Extinguishers

red fire extinguisher mounted on wall

There are fire extinguishers in every house for those rainy days. However, the reality is that when you purchase the basic item and you put it away. It is recommended to check it every year and the gauge a bi-monthly inspection to make sure it’s in good working order. It is also recommended that it be replaced every five to fifteen years or more.

13. Cosmetics

white and gold perfume bottle

Both the expired cosmetics and the tools with their leftovers can be the culture dish of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria can cause skin or eye irritations, outbreaks, and even blindness. Therefore, we should clean these tools periodically, and get rid of expired cosmetics.

14. Medicine

assorted-color medication pills

The medication that has expired may be less effective, or harmful to your health. For example, old Insulin and liquid antibiotics could be harmful. If you are unsure if you are able to take medications after “best before” dates, consult your physician first.

15. Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors need to replace at least every 10 years. In the event that they don’t, they will not work over time. It is recommended to verify their dates of manufacture and then replace them if they’re out of date.

16. Hand Sanitizer

Woman Applying Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are an absolute necessity in the current outbreak. But did you know that they all have to have an expiration date attached to them? Vanessa Thomas, a cosmetic scientist and the founder of Freelance Formulations, said that the majority of them expire within two to three years from the time they are created.


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