5 Educational Computer Games to Stimulate the Brain

Computer games can provide a lot of fun, however, they also have more benefits than having fun. Studies have demonstrated that games for learning are able to significantly enhance the brain function of students as well as cognitive abilities and academic performance. They also assist in the retention of knowledge acquired.

We’ve compiled the top five educational computer games that are enjoyable to play and help you develop your thinking skills. Check them out and try each one at a time to determine which you enjoy the most.


Minecraft Minecraft is recognized as a multiplatform sandbox. Players are able to build and play around with their own world in virtual reality, which is a challenging process that requires well-developed creative thinking and thinking skills. When they travel through the world that they’ve created they have to think spatially, create complex structures, resolve multiple challenges and puzzles, as well as maintain their creation.

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Starcraft can be described as an exciting game where aliens battle to gain control of all things and every single person. In essence, it’s an epic science-fiction-based game. The players have to employ clever strategies to defeat their opponents. However, it’s not only about fighting or combat skills.

You must be proficient in resource management in order to create diverse units. Studies have shown that players who engage in Starcraft regularly frequent basis are able to increase their brain functions and adaptability skills. It is one of the essential skills required to be able to adapt to the ever-changing world regardless of your professional or academic life.

Kerbal Space Program

It is a different space battle game that simulates combats with aliens known as the Kerbais. In order to win, your job is to create a sophisticated spacecraft that has multiple components. This isn’t a straightforward job. The players must be able to comprehend aerodynamics, physics, and sophisticated calculations to be able to complete it.

If players don’t have the necessary skills in these fields then they will be compelled to build or refine their skills.

Civilization 6

Civilization 6 is an action-oriented turn-based game in which players rotate to take part in the game. Players must build their own civilizations. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You’re given the tools and resources needed to begin a long complex and thrilling experience of creating the foundations of civilization from the beginning of times through the present.

The whole process is rife with conflicts and fights over resources. The game encourages the ability to think critically, plan, and have decision-making capabilities. This further proves that games for education can be effective and develop analytical, planning, and creative thinking abilities. You must draw upon all these capabilities to make use of technology to be an award-winning student.


Scratch is an interactive programming language. Users can create the games, animations or games of their choice using the aid in Scratch. It is a completely free and open network that was created by MIT. It was designed to let players improve their thinking skills and speed of thought.

Players can design their own stories, games, and animations. Teachers can use Scratch to encourage the students’ ability to think rationally as well as critically and creatively. The game can also be used as a great beginning to programming with computers.

Key Takeaways

The five computer games that are educational that we’ve looked at will aid you in developing your thinking, planning critical and analytical thinking, and also your creative thinking skills. You can’t go wrong picking any one of the five. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of fun playing them, regardless of whether you play them on your own or with your pals.


Ruby Butz is a long-time writer, educator, and technology expert. She’s been studying the advantages and disadvantages of computer games created to encourage students’ brains and creative talents. Ruby’s tests are objectively grounded in fact and practical, which makes her well-liked by students in high school and college.

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