5 Popular Android Games for Students

The amount of gamers playing mobile games is growing rapidly. In 2021, the number surpassed the staggering 2.6 billion which amounts to more than three-quarters of the world’s population. That means there’s an abundance of Android games on the market. Some of them aren’t going to be enjoyable to play.

We decided to conduct a thorough and thorough analysis of the most well-known games, focusing on those that are most enjoyable to play. Read on to learn more.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers are an extremely popular game played by students across the globe. It is also known for its endless running. This means that it’s an action-packed game with no breaks. It is essential to prepare for the long duration. It takes lots of energy and determination to continue playing without a break or a level.

The students love the game since it’s full of excitement and awe. It is a game where players navigate a subway in an attempt to gather coins while staying clear of obstacles. This game has proved to be extremely addictive. It is playable and enjoyable on a variety of platforms.

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Call of Duty Mobile

This game is an exciting one-person shooting game. It’s an ideal option for students who like thrilling adventures and games. The players have plenty of chances to participate in rapidly changing scenarios with a variety of fights. Many missions are available to tackle fresh and challenging scenarios. Students really enjoy the game due to its attractive graphics and stunning design. It has earned its status as an extremely enjoyable and entertaining game in the lives of college and high school students.

PUBG Mobile

the mobile version of PUBG is yet another battle game. It has grown in popularity among students in recent times. This game for multiplayer offers a variety of exciting features. The game begins by having 100 players land on an island and begin to fight for their lives. The fight continues until only one player is left. Students love this game for its stunning graphics features.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is an arcade game. If you’re a fan of car racing and speed this game is the perfect game for you. You will be competing against several experienced players trying out your virtual racing abilities. However, be aware that it’s not a good idea to think that it’s a simple task to master. It requires a lot of time to master these skills and be prepared for long hours of working on your skills and improving them.

Students appreciate this game and prefer it to other games. It is because the game has amazing graphics and a captivating storyline. This is why it is considered by many as among the best applications for Android students all over the world. It is constantly upgraded and improved by its creators to include additional and more exciting features.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a game of puzzles. Through the years, it has grown into a classic by itself. It was first introduced a few years time ago, and kids have played it for quite a while. It is a sign that the creators have been constantly making improvements to the graphics and features of the game in response to reviews and feedback from customers. A lot of students love it because it gives them the chance to relax and take breaks from their hectic schedules.

Final Considerations

Computer games can be a fantastic opportunity to relax and take time out from your hectic school schedule and load. Please choose one of the games reviewed and have fun playing them to recharge your batteries to be more effective in your learning process at your college.


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