Backfirewall_ Review

Have you ever wondered about how life could unfold within a mobile device? Don’t worry since Backfirewall is available to give you insight! The funnies aside, Backfirewall_ takes this idea and turns it into microcosms, characterizing applications and functions within the mobile device, creating an entire world. Overall, some impressive character creation and an immersive environment make the experience memorable.

Backfirewall_ will introduce the player’s first function quickly, which is as an update assistant. OS 10.1.1 is expected for installation on the smartphone, where the player has the responsibility of aiding in the process. However, due to “Boss” OS9 – the present OS – the head of the system, plans have changed and now you’re tasked with stopping the update, which will save OS9’s skin and your own (this statement has never felt more symbolic). With the help of functions and apps that run on the player, OS9 and OS9 navigate through the mobile device to stop the dreadful update.

OS9 is a fun humorous, funny companion to play with during the game’s roughly four hours. He’s almost like Wheatley of Portal 2 with his charming British voice, distinctive eye funny lines, and even questionable morals. OS9’s dialogue is awe-inspiring breaking through the fourth wall while responding to the events of games in the most human manner that are possible. While the resemblances to Wheatley are hard to overlook, OS9 is loveable and probably the most enjoyable feature of Backfirewall.

A few other characters are certain to leave a lasting impression due to their exaggerated character. Unzipper is a good example. He is extremely positive and helpful, while Social Media F is gullible and a coward. There are many other instances in which the personality of apps is directly linked to their goals The photos app, for instance, is particularly uninteresting. Thus, we’ve got an assortment of quirky people who bring life all over the globe.

A title that appears too slick, its story is full of fascination and depth. Characters have multiple facets, including distinct speech patterns, to emotions. Personalization of the mobile components is effective, leading to real emotional reactions to important moments in the game. When the game is repeated I noticed that the narrative retained my attention. Backfirewall is full of humor to be a part of OS9. Watts says “What?” in a humorous voice, and turns the lights on, with the reply of “Oh, yeah,” (I know what you did at the Naraven Games), these instances are well-loved.

Backfirewall has three main elements that are interspersed throughout the game. The first is the puzzles. At various points in Backfirewall players will be trapped in a specific area, to create a specific number of mistakes within the system in order to stop the update. This is accomplished by interfacing with items, and characters, as well as using abilities 0S9 graciously offers by cheating codes. The manipulation of colors, the duplication of objects, and other techniques provide depth. Because of its nature as a game that is a puzzle, the abilities are limited in applications, but of course.

The majority of puzzles are enjoyable to work through, but they’re not terribly complicated or modern. This is a common review of the game however, the game is still fun. Hints to solve puzzles are provided when you are stuck. A lot of hints attempt to strike a delicate balance by being vague enough not to reveal the answer but they do not provide guidance to the player. Puzzles are generally an important part of Backfirewall but some are repetitive in the sense of. Although not overly boring, however, there are some that seem to duplicate.

Following, we will have a general exploration. The environments are lively at a variety of locations, which makes exploring fascinating and exciting. Together with the numerous interesting characters and the possibility of collecting encrypted messages, there’s an incentive to get beyond the normal paths particularly if you’re going trophy hunting. One of my favorite things to do explores the battery of the phone. most of the surroundings are bright green to highlight the possibility of falling into the acid. When you are on the road towards the next destination many aspects of the story can take place within a relatively short time and keep my interest.

Stealth is among the weaker gameplay elements in Backfirewall_. Although it’s not a huge issue, it gets more repetitive than other puzzles. Through stealth, you need to traverse dark and secluded corridors and avoid security in order to travel between A and B. Two problems are that a lot of stealth game is characterized by dark and dim environments and the gameplay techniques aren’t designed specifically for stealthy gameplay. While it’s interesting to observe colors representing the gameplay, there are too many stealth areas with dark and dreary environments found in Backfirewall. It could be that it stops a sensory overload, but since some parts of the game are extremely colorful.

Backfirewall_ won’t go overboard with it. A captivating story, puzzles, and the environment create a sense of wonder since it all has a meaning. Although the cursor could be annoying and glitches were encountered at instances, overall Backfirewall_ was a pleasant experience that I’d recommend to anyone to try.

Developer: Naraven Games

Publisher: All in! Games

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Release Date:30th January 2023

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