Best Political Games 2023

2022 marked a major shift to the political landscape and caused shock waves across the globe, and this year will be similar. If you’re hoping to scratch the need to know what you can do to be better than the current leadership have the time to look over these games that will answer the question about whether or not you could “do better”.

Geopolitical games can be difficult to find, with the market for these games being extremely niche. However, we’ve found 10 games we believe to be the top games for you to play in 2023.

What are the best Political Games to play in 2023?

10.) Realpolitiks II

With Realpolitiks II, players can assume control of any modern nation while they fight for supremacy in the world. In your role as the head of your selected nation, you will have to manage the country’s economy, combat global threats as well as engage in diplomacy and spying with other nations, and should you need to, you can fight for your objectives. The economic aspect, in particular, has been given a makeover of its predecessor, which is designed to give players more power over their country than ever before. In this game, players are able to build structures for their nation as well as select among a variety of laws and powers which can impact your citizens’ lives. Realpolitiks II has a lot of replayability. It can transform any country into a totalitarian or maybe pushing for democratic principles is what you are looking for. Although it’s not an exact game however, it does give more options than many other games that deal with politics on the market.

The Release Date is 2021

Price: PS27.99

9) Suzerain

Suzerain isn’t your usual political game, and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re in the market for an immersive and engaging political experience then look no further than Suzerain. It’s a text-based game. Suzerain puts players in the role of Sordland President Anton Rayne who has just won a seat in the post. In a fictional world with real-world inspiration, the players will be taken through a journey of politics that includes every twist and turn you’d expect from the world of politics. From backstabbing and deceit to growing conflict, groups calling for reform, and a possible economic downturn It’s up to you to decide who you believe in and who you agree with, as well as the lengths you’re willing to go in order to defend the things you believe are right. Are you able to keep your promises to the voters while protecting the sovereignty and integrity of Portland?

The Release Date is 2020

Price: PS11.39

8) Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate accomplishes exactly what is stated on the box as it puts you in the position of an absolute ruler over the country you choose. There are also different scenarios that allow you to begin the game in a variety of different time periods, and allow players to play the game in a futuristic or historical setting. Like you would expect Supreme Ruler Ultimate allows players to run their country in the way they want with a range of actions and policies available to adapt the country to your preferences. In addition, trade and foreign policy are a major part of the game, offering more choices to govern how you’d like. The game places much of its emphasis on battle, but it’s an excellent choice for those who want to fulfill their dreams of running an entire nation.

The Release Date is: 2014

Price: PS22.99

7.) World Warfare & Economics

World Warfare & Economics is an upcoming game of political strategy that lets players take the reins of any nation in a bid to bring it to the top. In order to achieve this, players need to manage the economy through the construction and management of resources for trade as well as engage in diplomacy with other nations. In addition, World Warfare & Economics includes real-time battles in which players battle against nations using an array of actual military units. If you’re interested in looking beyond the confines of Earth this game allows players to discover the universe in a 3-D world by sending probes and rovers, and teams to other planets to be the winners of the international space race. There’s even more for players who are looking for more “politics” out of their game, as you’ll be in a position to win elections, create coalitions and obtain cross-party support in order to pass laws. This is certainly a game to watch out for and could become one of the top games in the world of political games…only time will determine.

Public Release Date: 2023

Price: N/A

6) Urban Empire

Urban Empire is an amalgamation of an urban planner and a simulation of politics. You are the mayor of the city’s dynasty and have to guide your residents through the era of 200 years of history. You are the Mayor of your town. progress from humble beginnings to a flourishing city by creating infrastructures and putting important buildings and establishing city districts making new laws and technologies and also having a debate in town hall to get your rules and budgets approved. There are many different options for players, such as the ability to bribe or use blackmail to influence opponents to get your legislation approved.

Beware, Urban Empire is a challenging game that can be extremely frustrating, according to whether you’re looking for a game that is easy to complete your tasks or if you’re willing to be constantly challenged in to implement your policy the same way as the real world. Except for dictators wherein case that it’s a lot simpler.

Public Release Date: 2017

Price: PS22.99

5.) 5. Political Process

The Political Process is truly a unique game in the gaming world, as it puts players in the shoes of a politician that must make their own path in politics, instead of playing as a national. What’s unique in The Political Process is its deepness and the way it simulates the American political system. You design your own personal political personality and are able to determine your views on a wide range of politics in addition to their political affiliation. Democrat, Republican, or Independent? You can choose. It’s your choice. Political Process simulations elections from the state, city, and national levels, from those at the School Board level all the way to the president You can climb upwards from the beginning of a career that could last for decades. You are also able to contest elections across all 50 states and from more than 3000 counties with every district being distinctive and based on actual information. Political Process Political Process is the ultimate political game that is one of the most popular political games.

Day of Release: 2019

Price: PS11.39

4) Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is similar to Europa Universalis IV; however, instead of allowing players to start by governing an entire kingdom or empire, Crusader Kings III allows players to build their very personal family dynasty. From here, you can grow and build your own kingdoms and empires with a greater focus on you as a unique leader. The things that players can accomplish during Crusader Kings III include filling their bank accounts and appointing vassals. They can also root out heretics and traitors making laws, as well as dealing among hundreds of nobles every one with his own goals. If you’re interested in medieval politics, then this is the game for you. passion, then take a look at Crusader Kings 3.

Public Release Date: 2020

Price: PS41.99

3) Rogue State & Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State is a gem of a game that slipped almost unnoticed when it was released on Steam in the year 2015. Contrary to most geopolitical titles, Rogue State puts players in the position of one of the “Glorious Chiefs” who has succeeded in bringing about a revolution as well as getting power in a Middle Eastern country. After they are in the power, players have to begin by building their country into the People’s Republic of Basenji while cooperating with their closest neighbors and keeping their citizens satisfied. There are a variety of groups, such as nationalists, liberals religious fanatics, and capitalists. Each has its own agendas and has different reactions to your choices and policies, which makes Rogue State a game about making sure everyone is satisfied while trying to bring peace and prosperity to your nation.

Rogue State Revolution takes the basic concepts from the initial game and enhances them by giving players greater control over the administration of their country in the form of a 3D map that includes five distinct provinces. Each province has its own history, culture, voters, and expectations, which means that difficult decisions must be made in regard to the direction taken by the Glorious People’s Republic of Basenji.

Version Date: 2015. / 2021.

Price: PS10.99

2) Democracy 4

Democracy 4 is one of the top political games available today. It lets players take on the reigns of a party that they like and then become the president or premier minister of their chosen country. It is your responsibility to manage your country and ensure that your citizens are satisfied, though that’s more difficult than it sounds since everyone wants different things. It’s up to you to ensure a stable economy that will make life better for the most citizens you can while reducing your national debt, crime, and unemployment. There’s also terrorism that you must deal with and unplanned events, such as the global financial crisis.

The Release Date is 2020

Price: PS20.99

1) Power & Revolution: 2022 Edition

For us, Power & Revolution: 2022 Edition is the top political game you can currently play through 2022. Although it is expensive what you do get is a thorough simulation of the world today that includes every country as well as the most recent global issues and conflicts. But, not only can you take on the role of the country’s leader, however, you also have the option to decide to play as the opposition and try to be elected. Additionally, you could try to create a revolution and then take the control of your country by force.

While there are certain bugs and problems but nothing else is even close to the depth and real-world experience in Power & Revolution, which is a shame because you think that the game could benefit from having some fierce opponents. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, but If you’re seeking a game that lets you participate in contemporary politics, Power and Revolution is the most comprehensive political game currently available. The 2022 edition expands on the changes added in 2021’s edition which also included the Coronavirus pandemic. It also introduces false information and conspiracy theories as well as allows the players to select which strategy to use to defeat these. In addition, it will also further develop the pandemic, in addition to requiring players to combat the global climate catastrophe.

The Release Date is 2022

Price: PS39.99

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