Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Review

In 2006. Destroy All Humans! 2 expanded the scope of the original game’s only USA setting and launched an invasion of the world, including all of the UK, Japan, and even the USSR. Its reprobed remake adds glamour, and color as well as the return of the adorable green guy himself, Cryptosporidium 138 which appeals to audiences who are both contemporary and nostalgic. Black Forest Games massively improved over its predecessor, which includes weapons models, character models, and level design, allowing players to play a true passion project that was released in 2022.

                                                   Bits from the Mothership fall onto Bay City.


Destroy Ivans! Ivans!

The story is set in the latter half of the 1960s. Crypto along with Pox has been living on Earth for the past 10 years after taking control of Capitol City. When the KGB finds the whereabouts of the Mothership and takes it down with a missile that kills Pox and causes a furor over Crypto. Aiming to take revenge Crypto travels around the world to destroy the KGB with the aid of the virtual Pox and an unknown Rogue KGB agent who is named Natalya. Take down all Humans! 2. Reprobed includes new characters and weapons and a completely revamped game system that was built from the ground up world design. It’s an absolutely fantastic remake that is a perfect representation of the original game however, I believe that the vast majority of the game has been cloned from the earlier remake made by Black Forest Games, Destroy All Humans! Nevertheless, I was never bored by the game and I’m only able to complain about minor flaws such as the occasional pop-up cutscene.

Crypto can customize his saucer using many skins.


On Closer Inspection

The game provides some of its characters with an extremely detailed look in comparison with the first. For example, some male hippies from areas like the Bay City area wore glasses and hats that looked like burgers from the original game. However, the remake is heavily stylized in its models, incorporating dreadlocks dream stylish necklaces, and colorful shades. The main characters and the enemies including the imposing Godzilla-like Kojira have been massively improved in terms of visuals and create some serious eye sweets. Black Forest Games has been determined to keep the game’s motto: Destroy All Humans! 2 Repackaged as a next-gen game and intended to showcase to its fans the full potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. PS5 as well as Xbox Series X/S. The game was not a complete success. in the game gave any reason to suggest that the game should remain off Xbox One and PS4. Apart from the obvious quality-of-life improvements and enhancements to the visuals I think Black Forest could have easily made the game available to previous generations, as the game did not give me the impression of an experience that was truly next-gen.

What’s the view like high up there?


Splice and Dice

Then destroy all Humans! 2Reprobed introduces new mechanics for the game that include its Gene Blender, tasking the player with using their flying saucer to swallow into the many Earthlings as they can in order to mix their DNA to increase the abilities of Crypto. For example, Crypto can track a recipe that enables him to grab bodies which require him to slurp in enough humans to make an alcoholic cocktail of Furon goodness, allowing the player to run quicker in a disguise of a human. In time, Crypto can go from scratching a crystal ball to having Professor X on his speed dial to save players from the ravages of pain during the latter stages and games, specifically in the endgame, which is a lot more heavy-handed opponents.

Electric Boogaloo – Probing Edition


Mine’s Bigger…

Crypto also comes with an array of alien weapons for degrading, dunking, and dissolving human beings into all sorts of sinister chaos. Do you remember the Carmageddon mods in Grand Theft Auto? Crypto’s new, stylish Dislocator performs the same function and throws vehicles across the map at an incredibly fast speed, squeezing human flesh into the curbs, over structures, and through the destroyed objects within the surroundings. The weapon is great for single-targeted enemies too although humans are small in terms of size, there could not be a huge chain reaction as compared to the double-decker Albion bus whizzing around the streets. Based on the game’s fun 1960s style, Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed also features the brand new Free Love weapon, a peace-loving tool to inspire people to dance in trance and forget any illegal activities Crypto can do to. Have you made a mistake in body-snatching that hippie? Hit any witnesses with soft rock ‘n’ roll to transform them into a flash mob of a great time with hot movements, while removing their eyes from the awe-inspiring scene which was absorbed by their gullet.

Groovy, baby.

Take a look!

The goal of A Furon to eliminate humanity is impossible in a vacuum. This is why Black Forest Games has littered every stage with the apprehension of human beings to eliminate. Kill all Humans! 2 – Reprobed has been so abundantly populated by NPCs that it can make Cyberpunk 2077 upon its launch jealous. Each stage is filled with different factions such as police, soldiers, or secret agents as well as everyday citizens who are waiting to be questioned. There’s nothing more than Crypto’s dead, cold heart is empty, and everywhere the player goes there’s always someone to burn.

I do not really have a good feeling as I belong here…


Oh, destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed comes with minor drawbacks. For instance, I’ve always believed that playing on a next-generation console could fix certain framerate issues that plague today’s video games, especially ones that are optimized for the console. However, I was having less than 30fps performance in some parts of the game, particularly in the Albion missions, in which simply moving from point A to point B was too much for the game to manage. The most smooth performance I could find was in the initial missions within Bay City, but as the game developed and more features were added it became more sluggish and unbalanced. My fondness for the original game of 2006 was not terribly affected, however, I still thoroughly enjoyed my time playing with one of my favorite villains in video game entertainment.

Thank you Arkvoodle!

For a final touch, Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed is a faithful recreation of a cult 2006 release that old-fashioned fans would love to have revisited. A lot of the humor and jokes might not be appreciated by contemporary audiences however, Black Forest Games decided that restricting the experience could result in more harm than it’s worth. It’s an exquisitely designed, well-crafted rampage-a-thon worth a look at and one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had playing an electronic game in the last year.

Developer: Black Forest Games

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Platforms:Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Windows PC

Release Date:30th August 2022


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