Easy On-The-Go Exercises To Replace Your Commute

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Easy On-The-Go Exercises To Replace Your Commute

It doesn’t matter if you’re working at home due to the global pandemic or you’re still commuting to the office every day, finding ways to live sustainably in your mind begins by flipping your daily commute upside down. If you’re working from home for a long time in the near future, you’ll have a different commute entirely, and, as a result, will likely be making huge changes in carbon dioxide emissions as well as your personal carbon footprint. It is crucial to take advantage of the time you’d have been driving to work for physical exercise, which will also benefit your health over the long run. If you are still required to make the commute every morning maybe now is the perfect time to consider ways to alter your regular routine to do something healthy that’s also beneficial to the environment. This list will provide you with some ideas for ways to be a substitute for your commute when you live close to your home, or encourage you to become healthier in this “new normal” we are living in at present.

Riding Bicycles or Scooting

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The first recommendation is to get rid of the car and take a bicycle or (non-electric) scooter instead. This will not only provide you an exercise during the process, however, but it will also enable you to move your body ahead of a long, tiring day working behind the computer screen. Cycling will transport you back to the time when life was more relaxed, decreasing stress levels and giving you an energy boost before you take on the tasks you need to complete.

Roller Skating or Blading

White-and-red Roller Skates

Another alternative is rollerblading or, for those who are a little older, try roller skating. Although not all people have the endurance and balance required to engage in these games, however, as your fitness levels improve, you’ll notice that it gets easier and more enjoyable as time passes. A little training can go quite a way. Also, your calves will be grateful in the next few weeks, as well as the exercise will most likely make you the fittest and condition of your life.


Person Standing on Skateboard Grayscale Photography

Another method to spice up your morning routine is to think about some of the more sought-after sports in the world that is skateboarding. It is predicted that the industry will be worth $2.4 billion in 2025 US by itself, you would not be the only one who is doing it. Skateboarding can be an excellent option to begin your day, as well as offering you access to an activity that’s very enjoyable. Be aware of the uphills of your next commute, and be sure to wear head, arm, and leg protection at all times.


woman wearing gray top walking on sidewalk during daytime

Not least, if the workplace is situated close to your home, or you’re looking to make up for the time you’ve used to travel to work prior to the lockdown by doing something that is more productive than plodding directly into work, there’s something more effective (or more convenient) than an old-fashioned walk. Walking even once or twice a week have higher health, longer lives, and is much less likely to enter risk categories such as obesity in their lives. Walking even if it’s just the occasional stroll, could make a huge difference in your health and can be an excellent way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for good once and for all.

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