Every Safe Location and Combination in The Last of Us Part 2

Finding a safe In the game The Final of Us Part 2 could be an escape route, especially when you’re low on items. The safes featured included in the game have various useful resources that aren’t in abundance, therefore looking for them is essential!

There are 14 safes available to discover around the globe and each one has its distinct combinations. Contrary to the initial game where you simply needed to locate the combination, and then walk up to the safe and open it you’re now forced to input the number. These codes can be found nearby, and documents from the area around it often direct you in the correct direction.

Here’s a complete guide to every safe place and the best combination of locations that is in The Last of Us Part 2.


In the game’s opening sequence in Jackson, There is only one safe place to go and that’s during the Patrol mission, which will allow Ellie and Dina to remove a store along their way.

When you step inside the building housing the supermarket there will be spores that can prompt you to wear a mask. There’s a hole in the wall that you need to cross, which will lead you into the room that has an open door to your right. Through this door, you’ll see the security.

Nearby, you’ll find an informational note that will inform you that the code for the safe was the date the dog was named Employee of the Month. Step outside and down the hall where you’ll find an Employee of the Month chart. A quick search of the dog will bring up the date of July 2013. Return to the safe, and enter the number 07-20-13.

Day 1. – Seattle

In Day 1 of the game Day 1 section of the game, which takes place in Seattle, There are four safes to be found. Three of them are located in the downtown area of the map, while the final one is located on Capitol Hill.

Secure 1 Bank Vault

The first safe is located at the downtown bank, which is located at the lowest point of the map. It is located at the corner of Cherry St and 6th Avenue. Go down the bank, and to the left side is the room that is labeled “SAFE Deposit Lockers”.

When you enter the room, you’ll find the Bank Heist Plan which will include the code for the safe. The number can be found as 60-23-06. There should be no issue getting the safe into this room that will have the pump shotgun

Safe 2 Courthouse

Another safe can be inside the courthouse, which you’ll visit during your quest for fuel. When you enter the main lobby, you will see elevators. The elevators next to them will be a desk with the door locked, but there is an opening that you could smash and then vault through in order to get access.

In your room, you’ll be able to see the safe. The code can be found on the whiteboard inside the room and also inside a different note that is located nearby. The number is found on 86-07-22.

Safe 3 Gate West 2 

The last safe in the downtown area of Seattle is located at West 2 Checkpoint. West 2 Checkpoint is located on Madison Street.

To get into the checkpoint, go towards the west side on Madison Street where you’ll see an unassuming gate that you have to pass through. After you’ve passed through the gate, you’ll be in a position to locate the safe quickly. The code will be 04-51.

Safe 4 Capitol Hill 

When you’ve finished in the downtown area and are ready to move into Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill section. There’s a Thrift shop that you can browse by walking through the back of the door. When you enter, you’ll notice a wall to your left that will have a note you can take. This will let you know that the number corresponds with the six last digits of Staci’s telephone number. However, the bottom of the note appears to have been taken off.

To access the rest of the code to secure the vault, you’ll need to go into the bathroom. There, you’ll see a note posted on the wall that reads, “call Staci for a good time ” – (206) 555-0133. The safe’s code is 55-01-33.

Day 2: Seattle

On the second day, There are 3 safes that can be found, the most notable of which is located in Hillcrest.

Safety 1 Auto Repair Garage Hillcrest

The first safe of Day 2 is located within the Auto Repair Garage which can be located in the rear of the tattoo salon. The entrance to the shop is blocked, which means you need to take the dumpster out of the entrance, but ensure you’re prepared for battle because you’ll need to deal with a few infected individuals to get the garage clean.

The code for the safe is located in the kitchen area of the adjacent bar that is next to that tattoo shop. There will be a whiteboard that will include a note containing an entry code to safe Auto Repair Garage safe.

After you’ve cleaned the garage’s inside Find the safe and then enter the safe security code 3082-65.

Safe 2 – Apartment Building

The next safe is located in The Seraphites section. Go down the street and you’ll come across an apartment building, but it’s locked. To get into the building, take a to the right and descend the stairs to find an opening that you can squeeze through.

When you are inside you will be on the 2nd floor of the building, where you will find a locked door on your left. The safe with the combination code is inside the room. The entrance is closed, and the user will need to smash a window to access the balcony, from which you can cross back into the room. Smash that window in order to gain access.

On the table in the kitchen, there will be a note stating that the safest combo is the wedding anniversary of the couple, which is circled within the bed’s calendar. The date on the calendar is the 10th of August, 2013, you’ll have subtracted 30 years because it was their 30th anniversary wedding anniversary. The number for their safety can be in the closet and can be found in the closet as 1008-883.

Safe 3 – Weston’s Pharmacy

The final safe of Day 2 is inside Weston’s Pharmacy. It is possible to gain access to the pharmacy via the hole inside the wall.

When you enter you will find an inscription near the cash register that will contain the number 38-55-23. The safe is situated in the back of the shop. You’ll need to go through a gap in the wall to it, but once you’re there you’ll be unable to overlook the safe.

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