Is Insomniac Games Creating Their Own Marvel Universe?

In 2018, Insomniac Games released Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 In the game, players could play the character of the title in a unique story and Insomniac had the chance to create their own world that the character could grow into. The game was described as the greatest game for superheroes in the series since the Batman Arkham series and was particularly praised for its combat and narrative which made it truly unique. The game was followed two years after with the sequel of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales which was a follow-up to Peter Parker’s protégé who played Spider-Man independently. The game was praised for its story and the improvements in combat. both games were well-loved and the amount of the two games came under 20 million units. Insomniac isn’t done with the announcement of a sequel called “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, scheduled to release in 2023. But the most exciting aspect is that they’ve also announced a second game that is set within the same universe, following the popular character of fans.

Wolverine from Marvel Wolverine

The news of the sequel Insomniac revealed that they were in the process of developing the development of Wolverine games that are set in the same universe as Spider-Man. Spider-Man game. Although Insomniac hasn’t made any announcements regarding the future of the release of these games, there’s a lot of speculation that this might lead to crossovers between both. Spider-Man included many tiny Easter eggs, including the Sanctum of Doctor Strange Santorum, Avengers Tower, and other clues to the various Marvel characters that are already in the game. In the newly released Wolverine game, there is the possibility of the introduction of X-Men and other Mutant characters. Considering that the game’s creators have said that they are looking to develop a “darker and more mature style” in the game, they are able to include a variety of characters. In addition, theories have emerged suggesting that this game could feature the Hulk and mark his first appearance in the universe. There has been speculation that Insomniac is working on creating a Marvel Gaming Universe since both shows are set within the same universe, and could eventually lead to an eventual crossover. If Insomniac plans to create this and they’re on the right track with games that introduce their characters at first, and later, build towards a team-up which could happen in a dramatic way.

The storylines of the previous two games have gone exceptionally well, leaving hope for the upcoming games. Hopefully, with some strategically placed teases, it will establish a major antagonist in the form of a crossover game. The possibility of a Marvel Gaming Universe may be the most anticipated thing to happen in Marvel after Infinity Saga. Infinity Saga; however, it needs to be handled properly and requires a significant amount of control and project. No matter if Insomniac is planning to launch this or just doing individual games, there’s plenty of potentials that fans would like to be able to. As of now, the fans will need to wait for additional announcements and for the release of both games in the next year or in the next few years.

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