Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe review

Kirby has a full and interesting life. When Kirby’s not relaxing by the lake, fishing, or exploring the beautiful, lush forests with his equally cute friends He’s out exploring the dark dimensions, fighting eldritch creatures with claws that pierce the air with all-seeing eyes and laser beams that explode with such force that they immediately destroy everything in their paths. When you play Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Kirby takes on these challenges in the same way with a bright smile and an arsenal of foes.

Return to Dream Land Deluxe continues this tradition with a return to the original sidescrolling Kirby formula of the past. It’s a remaster of an original Nintendo Wii original, complete with updated images and controllers, new features as well as a brand new epilogue featuring Magalor. Even though it’s more than 10 years old, this is an experience that definitely remains as vibrant, colorful, and captivating as it was in its Nintendo Wii era.

Although Kirby has expanded, the Kirby franchise is grown in the years since Return of Dream Landdays This short trip to the past will reveal the reason Kirby has become an iconic franchise.

The night is the darkest prior to dawn.

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe begins with a cryptic textless cutscene that details the suffering of Magalor, a dimensional traveler who is stranded by Planet Popstar after his ship is broken into pieces. Kirby is the kind tiny critter he truly can be, chooses to assist Magalor and set off on a quest based on the level to recover each and every piece of Magalor’s spacecraft.

The game is divided into a variety of themed worlds and different levels within these worlds that each have side-scrolling regions that have various enemies that can be captured and copied in order to develop the new Kirby abilities, as the usual procedure – and different obstacles to conquer.

Kirby is equipped with his entire range of Copy Abilities available that allow him to manage the ocean and electricity and wind, as well as fire as well as other elements. Kirby also has a cool robotic feature in later levels that permits Kirby to control mecha. Each of these has advantages and with the variety of options offered for the game’s various boss battles, you’ll have absolute freedom when it comes to how you fight important fights. Although the game isn’t heavy on difficulty, it gives you the opportunity to test out new techniques, and you can learn strategies while Kirby runs around a dark battlefield, perfecting his dodge flips and rolls.

Beyond the quick and sleek combat, the first thing that strikes you when you embark on Kirby’s newest adventure is how gorgeous its landscapes are. The early landscapes are rendered in a pastel-colored style which brings clouds, and forests along with oceans. Cel-shading is also used to distinguish Kirby and his foes from the beautiful worlds of these characters which means that the action not distracting, even in its vibrant nature.

As this gorgeous beauty fades into rougher terrains, Kirby is plunged into a world of volcanoes and robotics but the game retains an incredibly vivid sense and color.

The palette becomes a reflection of the game’s stakes as you more you progress in the gentle blues and soft pinks gradually shifting to more savage reds greys, and blacks as the difficulty of the game ramps up. And elven terrors start to seep into Planet Popstar.

“Waddle” Dees as well as Scarfy beasts swiftly transform into massive monsters. The foes have one big eyeball. One with no face and a massive sword. A flying rabbit with one eye. A beast with teeth that are chomping. Then, a huge creature made of energy and darkness comes to steal Kirby’s soul.

If you’re already familiar with the series, the enemies are not shocking however, their tone makes sure that Kirby’s Return to Dream Landis exactly as sinister and subtle as its predecessors. While the game is an easier difficulty than previous titles as damage is extremely lenient and even massive enemies have extremely short health bars – it’s fun even as it grows more dark.

Mangalore has a prominent role in this story

The additional Mangalore chapter is a tense dark, sinister darkness that lies at the center of Return to Dream Land. This epilogue lets you play the hero Magalor while he reclaims the powers that he lost to his fullest potential, one step at one at a time. The game’s structure is like the rest of Return to Dream Land, although the levels are a bit shorter and Mangalore is equipped with a variety of dimensional abilities that alter the gameplay.

This makes his chapter fascinating; it lets you explore a new set of moves, and discover an entirely new world. Mangalore is a more potent move than Kirby and a majority of his moves are long-ranged. Mangalore also has access to a powerful, sturdy shield that can block damage and allows you to come up with new strategies to take on enemies while keeping your health bar in good shape.

Although the story is reminiscent of Return back to Dream Land The Redux’s “The Redux The Epilogue incorporates tweaks to give an authentic feeling of uniqueness.

The chapter also boosts the difficulty of the basic game, which can be somewhat sluggish at times. Add that to the chapter’s 3-4 hours runtime and you’ve got an excellent companion piece and mini-sequel to the events in the Return To Dream Land.

Return to Dream Landhides other secrets

If you’re not playing with Magalor or exploring Kirby’s vast adventures Return to Dream Land Deluxe also offers different activities, with Mario Party-style mini-games you can take on by yourself or with your friends.

The game’s simple 5-6 hours runtime is the brand-new Merry Magoland mode, which takes Kirby from battles with massive creatures to a brightly-lit play area packed with games for the party. Although it feels as if it’s an add-on that’s unnecessary, it justifies its existence by offering new unlockables as well as collector’s items, Stamp Rally achievements, and an assortment of games from all over Kirby’s history.

It’s basically an all-star edition of Kirby‘s most popular mini-games, with Return to Dream Land for added sugar to the top. It’s a bonus that every game is a blast and that real games such as the Smash Ride from Kirby Squeak Squad (where you knock your opponents off the ring in a circular fashion) are in the package.

Although the variety of styles is what makes Return to Dream Land Deluxefeel like an overwhelming smorgasbord it’s not hard to not be enticed by the addition of Kirby. If you’re fighting monsters that are oozing, taking over the reins of an exciting thrilling adventure, or trying to eat eggs, this game offers everything you could want from a Kirby game.

Return to Dream Land‘s absence of difficulty may slow down some of its most imaginative ideas, however, it’s still a vibrant elegant, stylish adventure – and it’s been adaptable, remastered, and extended to Premium. Kirby as always deserves more time out in the sun. this collection is a great tribute to my favorite pink Blob.

4 Stars:

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
The Release Date is 23 February 2023

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