Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Review

When I was younger I would play games blind, and only look at the artwork on the covers and images of screens in the rear of games. Similar to the way I played the Labyrinth of Galleria and The Moon Society. I was able to see the cover/key artwork and then looked it up to find out that it’s an RPG similar in style to the Disgaea collection and even the style of art. After I researched the game and learned that it was created through Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. and released with NIS America Inc., I’m sure it’s right up my alley as a fan of RPGs particularly since it’s been some time since I played a dungeon hunter.


From the team behind the Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk comes a brand-new chapter of the dungeon-exploring adventure full of mystery and charm! The enchanting Madame Marta You are an unsettling spirit who is waiting for your next order. With the aid of Eureka Madame Marta’s assistant as well as an entire army of puppets with souls you’re tasked with sifting into the depths of a mystical underground labyrinth filled with enchanted creatures to discover the Curios of Art that are hidden in the depths!

The Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society provides dungeon-crawling adventures featuring new enhancements to the quality of life with 50 hours of fun along with a cast of customizable friends who will serve as your comrades. Make use of various pacts and puppets to build an entire team of 40 combatants to plunge into the dark and uncover the mysteries of The Labyrinth Galleria…if you’re brave enough!


The controls are straightforward. You can move around the underground by using the D-pad. Pressing R1 brings up the skill menu, in which you can select what abilities you want to employ in the world of the overworld, such as climbing over walls, if it’s feasible, you can jump using the button A when it’s accessible (and you are granted access to it) When you’re facing in a certain direction, you can use R2 and L2 to jump over left or right while facing towards the exact direction. When you press the Y button, it opens an options menu in which you can alter the layout of your labyrinth underground squad of puppet soldiers. Make them form frontlines (or vanguard formations) or backlines to battle. It is also possible to check the status of your characters, modify their armors and outfits as well as check and use the items as well as save quickly by suspending the game.

When you begin your game receive an introduction to the story, and when you enter the underground labyrinth for the first time and you’ll get the first part of the instruction including how to defeat opponents as well as how to defend as well as attack, and what happens if you meet an opponent and fall to it. You’ll be given trials of the puppets. They make up a group of five. However, after you’ve fought you are able to choose which three puppets you want to create to make your own team. They’ll be level one, which means you’ll need to grind them until the highest levels. This is the exact process I took. I played for hours with the team I created until they were at or near level 9, before moving on to my first big battle. I knew that I did not want to lose anyone, or make use of my equipment I prefer to save for the time I require the items. The player is given four witch bells that allow you to escape into the underworld at any moment at the cost of 10 mana. While I was training the team I was able to collect items from battles, and as I continued the story I was able to not utilize any of them or lose any players as it took some time to find more souls and puppet parts which are required to make additional players for your team. In addition, I spent time grinding up new characters I created for my team so that they could take on a lot of damage, while not getting hit by one of my opponents. I also tried to avoid the symbols with purple eyes because they’re extremely powerful foes similar to the advice that was mentioned on floor two.

It is the Galleria Manor can be described as the hub of the game or the player’s base of operations where you can have access to menus that allow you to enhance the story, as well as the puppet workshop, to create more puppet soldiers, repair them, or even eliminate them if you wish to. The shop is where you can purchase and sell items, and gain access to the petition of the Witch in which you trade in mana to unlock abilities such as gaining +10% HP following each battle, stopping prior to an obstacle so that you do avoid falling into it and so on, that have a variety of abilities that you can unlock. You can also save the game, and as well, enter the wardrobe to enter deep underground to explore the labyrinth.


The backtracking can be difficult sometimes, but once you gain some skills such as wall break (making cuts through walls whenever possible with the help of mana) It can aid in looking for every corner and crevice and completing the entire floor of the map as well as you can, without being thrown into the pits, or taking falls as you try to determine how you can advance the story without becoming lost. It can turn off some to avoid an issue.

The Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society checks off what makes a great game great. It has a fantastic story and voice acting that is fantastic, and the music is a perfect fit with a great soundtrack, and this time with a PC port that is fantastic, that you can listen to the entire story and not struggle to listen to the voice actors in the music. That’s an amazing thing for me based on my previous encounter with NIS entertainment when I enjoyed Disgaea 6.

One feature I enjoy is that when you defeat a boss the boss you beat is no longer locked as a normal enemy which is great since it’s easy to earn exp points to buy puppets and mana. It’s certainly helpful to gain as much mana as you can when trapped in the labyrinth. it’s possible to complete everything you can to do and proceed with the story. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain all the other powers you’d like to get to gain from this witch.

Overall I had a great experience playing the Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society – even though I got lost and put in hours to get the story moving. I’d suggest it to fans of RPGs and those seeking a game that has an engaging story.

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software,Inc

Publisher: NIS America Inc.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita

Release Date: 14th (US) and 17TH (EU) February 2023


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