LEGO Brawls Review

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed an increase in the number of platform-based fighting games hitting our PCs and consoles, all of which have tried to establish a niche in a genre that is controlled and defined by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. In recent times, we’ve had Nickelodeon’s All-Star BrawlMultiVersus, and the latest addition is LEGO Brawls. Technically speaking, the game has been available since it was released on Apple Arcade in 2019, but it’s now landed on the consoles of mainstream gaming and opened to a larger gamer.

LEGO games have always been well-loved. Their unique, family-friendly design is a huge hit for all ages. They’ve created a new spin on all the major franchises available including Indiana Jones to Star Wars. They’ve now expanded into the genre of platformers which is worth noting at this point that if you’re seeking the classic LEGO gaming experience, this might not be your game. There’s no story or building content, but we have to battle in the form of LEGO Minifigures.

Character Customisation

We’ve been conditioned to expect an array of choices and options for customization with LEGO-related products and games. It’s true that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga did not deliver on the latter however it more than compensated for it with a dazzling collection of characters, and the depth and scope of almost everything else. LEGO brawls, however, on contrary, rely extensively on customization.

Although I’ve never yet counted them, LEGO Brawls claims to have more than 77 trillion options when it comes to designing your avatars, which I think is amazing. It also let me wear a tutu and be a baguette-wielding clown. So there’s this.

There is a handful of Minifigures that you can start with however, you’ll be able to unlock more characters as you advance throughout the course of play. You can take them as is or mix them with other pieces and pieces to make your own brawlers that are unique to you. You can also alter the weapons they use and their power-ups in order to select the best loadout for you.

However, in an online game, the many customization choices are as much a disadvantage as they are positive. While creating your own characters is enjoyable, however, there’s not much to differentiate the brawlers other than visuals. Additionally, while there’s some variation in the types of power-ups you can use and use, all melee weapons do the same amount of damage, and after you’ve won your first brawls using a baguette the thrill wears off quickly. I’d prefer a smaller selection that had more distinct characters and distinctive techniques. Quality and not quantity is what brings to mind here.


LEGO Brawls offers several different ways to play.

The first step is to select the option between Brawl as well as Party Mode. The first one is an online game that is quick and easy to play, while Party Mode gives you more of the ability to play with your other players on the couch or invite-only games. Within the first two categories, there are a variety of kinds of matches. There are four-v4 fights in which you join forces to take control of a checkpoint or to collect the maximum amount of an item, and then there are free-for-all matches where you take on 7 other gamers until you’re last Minifigure remaining. In the first round, you are able to choose the level you’d like to take part in.

In terms of gameplay, LEGO Brawls is quite easy to play. No matter what the goals of the match the primary goal is to eliminate the opponents for points. To accomplish this, you’ll need to fight them with a ferocious stance or force them out of the game. For this, you’ll need your standard attack and two slots to power up. The powers you will receive during the game are based on the loadout you choose and vary between a shield that is temporary to a laser-shooting disco. To unlock them you must hit the glowing cubes which appear throughout the game. Similar to other elements in the game, it’s possible to be able to unlock more in the course of the game, and also engage in fights, so it’s worth trying out new power-ups to discover which one is best for you.

Visuals and Stages

The stages featured in LEGO Brawls are stunning. They’re large enough to provide adequate space for playing, but they’re not too large. Each stage is built around the theme of the stage. Certain are general, like the castle and pirate theme and castle theme, however, there are stages that are inspired by famous franchises such as Ninjago as well as Jurassic Park. From the layout of the stage to special stage-specific powerups there was an element of distinctiveness to each stage.

It’s nice to have some variation, and the specific elements of the theme ensure that it doesn’t feel like that you’re playing the same stage with a new coat of paint. However, odd stages only are effective in keeping your interest.

Last Thoughts

It’s tough to find a platform-based fighting game to really make an impact at a time when Super Smash Bros. is so well-known in the genre. However, Lego Brawls is, in reality, a bit short. It’s lots of fun to play in short flashes, with a good selection of themes and modes to explore, however, the majority of gamers will get bored of the boring and overly simplified gameplay that doesn’t really offer the excitement. It’s fun, fast, and chaotic, however, there wasn’t enough substance for the money. The game is a good fit for families with children However, the rest of us may want to look for something else.

Development Partners: Red Games Co., Red Games Co., LLC

Publishers: The Lego Group, BNE Entertainment, Lego Interactive, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Platforms: PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

Public Release Date19th September 2022

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