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Many people over 60 are looking to get fit, healthy, and active or to improve their physical appearance after retirement. Many seniors reach this age when they have more time and are able to focus on getting healthy and fighting sickness and disease.

Recommendations for Men and Women over 60

It is important to exercise at all ages. Being active is an excellent way to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilled life. Your body’s wear and tear can have a negative impact on your overall health. One should be cautious about what type of exercise one do. Here are some recommended exercises for women and men over 60 to help you get started.

Stretching as a Warm-Up

Stretching is a great warm-up before you start running, lifting heavy objects, or doing strenuous exercise. This will reduce muscle strain and increase flexibility. When doing stretching exercises, don’t bounce or stretch in one direction. This will only cause muscle pain and not improve their flexibility. The triceps stretch and standing biceps stretch are good options. Also, you can do the toe touching, seated floor twist, spinal stretch, and the seated biceps stretching. This short exercise should be done for one minute for each leg or arm. Take deep, slow breaths throughout the stretch. Keep your breathing normal and not hold it in.

Cardiovascular Exercises

After your muscles have been stretched to their maximum, it is time to move on to the meat. The type of cardiovascular exercise is not important for most exercises. It’s not the type of exercise that matters, but the intensity at which the exercises are done. This can make or break the exercise’s effectiveness. It is important to work at an intensity that raises your heart rate enough to make you sweat but still allows you to communicate with others and have a conversation. This simple test will ensure your body is sufficiently stimulated without causing you to overexert yourself. There are many activities that you can do. You should do the activity you love most. You can do cardio exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, and using a step machine. These activities can be enjoyed with family and friends. Some of them could be done while you read, watch TV, or use your smartphone. The 30 minutes for these exercises will pass quickly once you get used to them.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Strength training

Try to dedicate at least two days of your week to strength training using weights. Before performing these exercises, make sure your muscles are well stretched. With a moderate intensity, strength training sessions should be between 20 and 40 minutes each day. For those over 60, the goal of strength training is to strengthen and maintain their muscles. Each of the following muscle groups should be exercised: legs, back and shoulders; arms, chest, abdomen, chest and shoulders. Each exercise should be performed in two sets of 8-10 repetitions, each with 15-30 seconds of rest between each set. Focus on the functional movements and ensure that each repetition is done correctly.

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