Sonic Frontiers: First Look

In recent times, Sonic the Hedgehog has become a boring series. Although Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing are fine additions, the main series games haven’t been spectacular. Sonic Frontiers hopes to revolutionize the series to make it a major player within the gaming industry again. After the popularity of Sonic’s 2020 film release and a sequel film planned it’s time for Blue Blur’s video gaming to keep up!

On the 10th of December, 2021, we got the first trailer of Sonic Frontiers. No one knew what to expect because there was nothing publicly prior. We have learned a lot from its first trailer! The biggest thing we can say was that Sonic Frontiers looks to be an open-world experience. According to the Sonic the Hedgehog website, this seems to be a given as Frontiers will follow the current trend of large-scale open-world games. “An experience like nothing you’ve ever had before, climb to new heights and feel the excitement of high-speed wide-open-zone adventure.’


Changes to the Sonic game’s gameplay formula are interesting. For a long time, the main Sonic games have been based on a straightforward goal: going from point A to B. There are, of course, different routes to take however Sonic levels tend to be linear. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this however, for a series more than 30 years old and hasn’t succeeded in doing this successfully in recent episodes is it time to introduce something different? When we last experienced this kind of innovation came in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. I hope that this time around, Sonic is well-represented in relation to gameplay as well as the level design.


What’s interesting about this article is the emphasis on speed. In contrast to Rise of Lyric, it is clear that this game will be all about speed. To truly experience the feeling of speed, the environment must be vast and the game will feel too “stop and go on”. Given the amount of time, Sonic Team has had to develop Frontiers hoping that it will give the sensation of speed. It’s also encouraging that in the trailer, we’ve seen environments that are stunning! I’m eager to go on a journey to these locations and I hope that since it’s a Sonic video game we can slow down every now and then and enjoy the stunning scenery. The players can experience a range of biomes, and it will be fascinating to look around an array of beautiful places.


When you look at the pictures and trailer, you can see obvious similarities in the trailer to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. From the landscapes to the graphics to the music, and even the enemies The similarities can be seen all through the trailer. Even the radical change to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s formula is similar to the formula of The Legend of Zelda. However, by no means is Sonic Frontiers the only one to blame for this since Pokemon Legends: Arceus and others have also been influenced by it. However, Sonic Frontiers will hopefully have its own unique identity particularly when speed is a key game mechanic.

The trailer raises a variety of questions. Who is the person who is talking to Sonic? What are the primary villains? There are many other questions you can ask. The voice was similar to Amy however, the character isn’t sure. It would be fascinating to observe Doctor. Eggman takes a back seat to the bigger, stronger threat. There isn’t any indication of the characters or the plot as of yet. Another issue could be Sonic Frontier‘s location(s). Yes, we know that the game is set on Starfall Islands, but this location has not been explored in the context of Sonic games before. It will be fascinating to find out how the game’s story is connected to Starfall Islands and Sonic’s story.



If Sonic Team can pull this off the Sonic Frontiers could be a great expansion and a rebirth for the brand. The idea of trying something new is a good thing when a franchise is thirty years old. We hope it succeeds and is the top of the hill to Sonic the Hedgehog

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