Star Wars Top 20 Games Part 2

We are here! Today is a glorious Star Wars day, here is the second part of our Top 20 Star Wars games list. If you’ve not read the first part then read it here.

10. Star Wars: Episode I- Racer

While I absolutely love the prequels, I’m sure the majority of Star Wars fans don’t, and yet, one thing in the prequels that no one can be held accountable for is how captivating the race scene in the pods is during Episode 1. A few weeks following the launch of The Phantom MenaceStar Wars: Episode I- Racer was released. Thanks to the amazing work of Aspyr It is now available on all modern platforms and stands up to the modern day as not just one of the Top 10 Star Wars games however, I’d call it the Top 10 racer!

The show is set across a myriad of planets Each with its own unique course There is a choice of the numerous characters and pods you can race to be the ultimate champion of the universe! What Episode I-Racer was able to do flawlessly in 1999 and feels exactly the same in the way it recreated the sensation of speed that pod racers enjoy. The tracks move at a high speed, avoiding many obstacles that stand out of your way. Every track comes with shortcuts, and this is what can help you win races that are neck-and-neck at times. You can also choose to boost the speed after you’re fully accelerated, but you must monitor your engine’s temperature. If it gets too hot, then BOOM time. Through the race as well should you be injured or damaged, you can fix your engine on the move as we witnessed Anakin do in Episode I.

9. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG published by the action-RPG kings BioWare and begins about 3,500 years prior to the events in the films. The game was first released as an online pay-to-play title, The Old Republic became completely free in November 2012, when subscriptions started to decline. If you decide to play the free-to-play option, you will receive the full game but with no obvious limitations (level cap at lv50, and a maximum of two players). The Old Republic is an MMO that is easy to play on your own with four characters to play on your Light as well as the Dark Side; that’s eight different game modes designed by a company known for their epic, story-driven RPGs. BioWare regularly updates the game with a variety of DLCs

The game of playing with friends can be a blast, and with a lively online community, the Old Republic is an MMORPG that you can certainly get into and enjoy a subscription that is worth the money you pay. MMORPG players with experience will be level with the game however, new players might find the many important commands a little daunting. There are forums on The Old Republic that are among the most welcoming around questions that can be addressed with respect and without rudeness. Once you’ve got the basics of buttons, this is an extremely rewarding Star Wars game.

8. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

There is no game that has ever made you experience the real experience to become a Jedi Knight. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi outcastputs you into the shoes that of Kyle Katarn who is the protagonist of Dark Forces. In the beginning stages, Kyle does not have Force abilities, however, he is able to regain these powers after the second level and this is when the Jedi incredibleness begins. You’ll be able to cut through the ranks of hundreds of Stormtroopers. You get to meet iconic characters and fight some tough enemies.

Jedi Outcast can be played in the 1st- or 3rd-person. So it’s true that you can play as a FIRST-PERSON LIGHTSABER DUELS !!!!. The multiplayer game is extremely well-loved. Kyle is able to use all the old Force abilities we’ve been accustomed to while hacking Imperials down by using your lightsabers is never more enjoyable than in Jedi Outcast.

7. Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s release in the year 2017 will be remembered in history as being one of the most controversial games in the history of gaming. The greed of EA ruined what was an amazing Star Wars game The community came together, forcing EA to reconsider its strategy. After years of upgrades and added content, Battlefront II was transformed into an absolutely amazing Star Wars game.

The single-player mode was a pleasant feature in the sequel to the game that was multiplayer only Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) which introduced a variety of intriguing new characters into the Star Wars canon. Multiplayer is the place where Battlefront II shines but it also has the same content as the 3 Star Wars trilogies. Even even though EA stopped supporting the game in the year 2020, Battlefront II remains the most popular multiplayer option for everyone and is as popular as ever. The process of getting into the game is easy and the action, once it starts, is as authentic as Star Wars. It’s a pity disappointment to see that Battlefront II had such an uneasy start and ended up failing.

6. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (2001)

If Jedi Outcast is the most iconic game for Jedi and the Jedi, then Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader is the most popular game for fighting in the vehicle. It was released in 2001 as an official debut title to launch Nintendo’s amazing small cube console, that is the GameCube, Rogue Leader places you in the cockpit of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles in the epic battles that we see in the films, as well as some amazing original missions.

The different Rebel vehicles that you fly within Rogue Leader feel as if they look and sound like the ones you see on the huge screen. The action is intense and very challenging. With the ability to immediately switch to a cockpit in a first-person view, you’ll feel like you are a soldier fighting an entire Rebel Alliance. This is a game that has stood the test of time and the places Rogue Leader takes to make you look stunning. When the game is over you are able to go back to any mission you like, and replaying Hoth and Death Star levels will never be boring. Hoth levels as well as the Death Star levels will never become old even after 21 years since the game’s launch.

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019)

Prior to the time that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released, it was 9 years since we last had a Star Wars single-player release. When it first came out it was greeted with a lot of skepticism by the fanbase were doubtful because of the controversy surrounding the launch of Battlefront II, however, EA assured us of a thrilling single-player game that was free of microtransactions and extra costs. To be fair they did not disappoint.

Fallen Order takes place five years following what happened in Episode III where you’re able to play as Jedi Padawan who is hiding Cal Kestis. While on his quest you’ll discover brand new planets. You’ll also meet you’ll meet someone who’s familiar with that Star Wars galaxy. The plot is…okay but what was what made Fallen Order shine was the exploration and combat. Jedi Outcast at the time was the most effective game that made players feel like the character of a Jedi, Fallen Order used those same mechanics and made them more effective to create the feeling of an actual Jedi. Cal’s moves are smooth and the lightsaber battle never felt more satisfying. The biggest shock when starting up Fallen Order was it had certain Soulsborne elements, like the ability to rest points and enemy respawning. Fallen Order is an online game that you can repeatedly because of how amazing it is to become a Jedi.

4. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2022)

Spoiler alert: it’s the sole Lego Star Wars game listed on this list. It’s true, there’s not an OG Lego Star Wars and, before you get started arranging your Stormtrooper’s squad of firing, research your thoughts as you are sure that this is the case. It’s true that the OG Lego Star Wars game was amazing, and is still in use 15 years after its release in 2007. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga It’s not only better due to being newer, but it’s also superior due to the fact that, well…it’s better.

The game is set across nine films in what Disney today refers to as The Skywalker Saga It’s not an attempt to recreate the original Lego titles. The missions are all fresh, and the central environments you can explore in between missions provide some of the best Star Wars locations that we’ve seen in video games. The possibility of having the universe roam freely is another reason The Skywalker Saga will take its place on the OG Lego game as the top game on this list. The TT games did an outstanding job of modernizing their well-known game, with more effective combat and a brand new over-the-shoulder camera that lets you get closer to the action of bricks more than ever before.

3. Star Wars: Republic Commando

A classic that was released on the original Xbox, Star Wars: Republic Commando is not just a fantastic Star Wars FPS It’s also a fantastic FPS overall. The game is set during The Clone Wars (perhaps my favorite timeline from Star Wars) You play as ‘Boss’ a Clone Trooper, who leads the four-man Clone Commando squad. The story will take you to different locations across the Star Wars universe in order to complete various dangerous tasks, including certain death missions in fighting with the separatists. Republic Commando is an action game that is played in squads and allows you to command your friend’s Clones to complete basic tasks like the opening of doors, some holding, etc.

When you are in a shootout, it is possible to may also instruct your brothers to take different shooting positions, which requires some planning. It’s not a good idea to direct your sniper trooper to be in front of the offensive like. Republic Commando is an excellent game and remains extremely enjoyable to play today. The prequels have always received an unpopular reception from the public However, titles like Republic Commando flourish in the universes created by the prequels.

2. Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

Star Wars: Battlefront II is an improvement over its predecessor and better than its predecessors. The new features include a narrative campaign-style mode, where the Imperial trooper recounts tales from his previous battles. These include his experience as a Clone Trooper within the Grand Army of the Republic to his role in the role of an Imperial Stormtrooper. The campaign mode did not win prizes, but it’s enjoyable to play, and it’s fascinating to listen to the voice of a Clone Trooper talk about his actions in Order 66. Battlefront II also includes an optional Galactic Conquest mode, where you are able to play as one of the Republic, Separatists, Rebel Alliance, or Galactic Empire as you attempt to take over the galaxy.

Battles can be played in two different styles: ground-based or space-based and space-based. Space battles aren’t nearly the epic battles of Rogue Leader, however, they are fun and let you pilot different vehicles from the films. Ground-based combat is the area where Battlefront II excels in that it allows players to switch between 1st and 3rd-person viewpoints with the click of one button. A further improvement over the first Battlefront is that it lets players take on the role of heroic characters in the films such as Obi-Wan and Darth Vader for instance. As with the previous game being able to control Jedi characters isn’t as enjoyable as it is when you played Jedi Outcast and the Fallen Order however it’s still a lot of entertainment.

A variety of ground-based vehicles can be controlled in epic battles which will take you to more destinations than in any previous game. Battlefront II is an excellent illustration of a game that is able to meet anyone’s requirements. Want to enjoy a quick game before going to bed? Jump right into immediate action. If you’re anything like me and would rather relax in the comforts of your home, Battlefront II can be a great way to keep you entertained throughout the night while you defend the galaxy against enemies like the Galactic Empire or try and stop the Separatist movement.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

We present to you our top-rated Star Wars game which has to be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. When it came out in 2003 by BioWare at the end of 2003 it completely blew people off their feet. There were plenty of amazing stories told by the Expanded Universe, but apart from the renowned Thrawn Trilogy of books, we’d never seen the kind of epic storytelling that this. It takes place 4,000 years before The events in A New HopeKnights of the Old Republic present us with an alternate universe that we haven’t experienced previously in Star Wars before. Jedi Knights numbered in the thousands and the Sith weren’t the mysterious mystery we had come to know in the movies. Knights of the Old Republic allows you to explore the galaxy in different worlds, both new and known as well as, in typical BioWare style, allows you to play the game, however, you’d like. Are you looking to be a decent Jedi? Sure, Knights of the Old Republic will allow you. Do you feel the urge to go to that Dark Side? If yes, BioWare has you covered.

In the course of your adventure, you’ll meet some of the most well-known characters from the films and in the form of possibly the most fun Jedi ever created and an assassin droid who is absolutely hilarious. Combat is a bit…how do I describe this? ?…clunky in the modern world of. However, if you’ve not played this amazing game before, don’t let it turn you off because the fighting is a breeze as well. Knights of the Old Republic has a plot comparable to any of the movies. Star Wars is not without its plot twists and is it good! Knights of the Old Republic offer one for players! It’s one of the best RPGs ever created and, even today, exploring this ancient world home to Korriban, the home of Sith, Korriban, is one of the best levels ever created. Its Knights of the Old Republic timeline is loved by a lot of fans (this one being among them) with thousands of fans asking Disney to make something within the timeline, and if it does not happen, at the very least, this game is available.

We have the most popular 10 Star Wars games of all time. Are we missing your top games from our list or are we listing all the games in the incorrect order? Tell us in the comments section below or via our social media channels.

And most importantly, may you be blessed, and may the Force keep you safe always.

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