Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide – How to Earn Money Fast

To survive and grow any empire must have an economic system that is strong which requires lots of money. When playing Total War: Three Kingdoms it’s essential to be capable of earning money quickly in order to be one of three Emperors. The economic strength of your business will determine how fast your empire can expand and the number of troops you will be able to recruit to conquer new territories and protect your own. An ideal balance between a powerful army and a stable economy is essential.

We have the best guide to earning cash quickly with Total War: Three Kingdoms.

How to earn money fast with Total War: Three Kingdoms

The first thing you need to be doing is to examine the health of your economy before you first start playing as your preferred warlord. Click on the ‘Treasury’ tab, where you’ll be able to see how much you’re making each turn. You should be sure to look over your earnings to gain an understanding of the sources of your cash comes from, for example, industries, commerce, and so on. This is crucial because you can utilize this data to decide on structures to construct and how later on. This is where you can see the cost of your purchases. You can be sure that during the course of the tournament, the majority of the costs will come from the army you have.


The easiest way for earning money on Total War: Three Kingdoms is to upgrade your structures in the commanderies. Based on the data you’ve collected from the tab ‘Treasury You should now know what’s making players the biggest money.

Find any improvements to your building which will increase your earnings in this area. It is likely that you’ll discover a variety of upgrades that can boost the amount of money made, or give you a fixed boost, like 100 gold.

Depending on the person you are starting you’ll have at least one or two commanderies and, in the initial game, you’ll want to concentrate on your Capital. Try to improve buildings within that class of economics, like workshops, in order to boost your earnings from the industry. If you’ve got them and you are building or upgrading Trade class buildings is essential, and they are a part of the Trade Ports as well as Marketplaces.

Ensure that you upgrade your buildings whenever you can and have a clear idea of the things you’ll create or renovate can prove very profitable as you progress in the game.

Settlements for Looting

Settlements are an easy way to earn money during Total War: Three Kingdoms. This strategy is most likely to work best for one or both of the bandit warlords Zhang Yan or Zheng Jiang. If you’ve got a good size army, you will be able to attack close to settlements swiftly and effortlessly and bring you a good quantity of gold.

If being a bandit is how you’d like to play, Zhang Yan also has several unique, cool buildings for factions that can increase the gold you receive when you collect loot and take on other settlements, or even defeat other armies.

This strategy can be used by any kind of group, however, it is important to be aware since you don’t want to be drawn into conflicts that you are unable to fund, and in the end, you won’t be able to succeed in winning.

When you’ve created an army that is strong the majority of the money you earn comes from the looting of cities, and settlements as well as the defeated armies.

Administrators and Assignments

Once you have gained the possibility of assigning administrators, you need to select one as soon as possible to receive the boost of 40% to the silk, commerce, and spice earnings that can be derived through the presence of an administrator. You are able the option of choosing the person who will be an administrator, therefore, it is important to ensure that you choose one who can grant you bonuses that are based on your faction’s income. One of the top ones to be looking for is a bonus of +15% to your increase in industry income. Click on the button to add an administrator and then look over your clan’s eligible members to find out who awards the bonuses.

It is also possible to assign your characters assignments that provide additional bonuses for a specific number of times. Like administrators, each character is able to be assigned different tasks, which will result in various bonuses. Look for bonuses that can improve your income.

Take Control of Your Army

The most significant expense to your finances will be the cost of maintaining your army. So, it’s crucial to be smart when you increase your army. There’s no need to build an army that’s taking thousands of dollars each year to maintain even if you’re not fighting or don’t plan to be in the near future.

When you’re not at war you can eliminate the bulk of the generals you have and their retinues making savings of thousands of gold per turn. This is particularly useful after the conclusion of war after you’ve made peace or destroyed the enemy. Eliminate your armies and watch your stocks of gold rise.

If you select the keep the retinues checkbox the generals will have their retinue lineup in readiness for the next time you’ll need them. Consider the length of time required for an army to reach full strength. However, smart management of this can lead to growing your cash reserves.

It’s also obvious that you should not spend more money on your troops than you can pay for unless you must.

I personally found this to be one of the best ways to earn money quickly within Total War: Three Kingdoms.


Another excellent method to earn profits to earn money in Three Kingdoms is through diplomacy. The first step is to search for potential partners on the Diplomacy screen. This can provide you with some extra gold per spin while the trade route is in operation.

In addition, you can also trade any accessories like followers, mounts weapons, and armor you’ve collected during the game to different factions. This is an excellent method to earn a large amount of gold for items that you do not use or do not need currently. It’s only possible to do this in romantic mode but.

If you’re producing lots of food items, you could also exchange them against gold for other factions. Be sure that when you’re offering food in the course of trade, you choose the regular payment option to ensure you’ve got an ongoing stream of income during the time you’re providing food, not an uninvolved lump amount. This is a much more sustainable, and more manageable option.

Becoming a Vassal

Finally, you might receive requests from a more powerful faction to be their vassal. They’ll usually offer the chance to receive a huge amount of gold in one lump, and also regular payments for a certain number of turns. If you’re not in war or planning to expand any time soon This could be a great method of generating a substantial amount of gold while you begin to build your infrastructure in peacetime.

You could then declare war on your master to defend your rights and, if you succeed it can yield huge profits or simply pay them off and let them release your possessions using a combination of gold and items.

This is a risky option even if you don’t have any intention of becoming a vassal for a long time however, Total War: Three Kingdoms is about deceit and manipulating the other factions, which is a fantastic method to earn money quickly while you are preparing to stab your master to the back.

As I’ve stated it is best to use this, in the beginning, to improve your infrastructure in peacetime by injecting gold into your economy.


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