Why 2023 Should Be a Better Year for Gaming Than 2022

At first glance, the year 2022 appeared to be an all-time high decade for gaming! With the slow release schedules of the years 2020 as well as 2021. 2022 would have had a plethora of stunning titles that took advantage of modern-day hardware.

This isn’t to say that 2022 was an awful decade for games. In fact, it’s been impressive due to the flawless God of War: Ragnarok, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West in addition to a host of indie games like OlliOlli World, Sifu, and Stray. In addition, Nintendo Switch exclusives, such as Kirby along with The Forgotten Land and Bayonetta 3 have also made up an extensive 2022 catalog. In contrast, I’m thinking about the games that rapidly slowed down 2022’s possibilities.

Issues with performance, as well as bugs, have been surfacing in several 2022 games that are too numerous to include. FIFA 23, WWE 2K22, Saints Row and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet have all been released in a way that was less or more incomplete. Naturally, it may take time to identify issues in games that require patching. However, time limitations were apparent in all the games mentioned above.

No matter how polished, many of the major 2022 games have lacked the dynamism required to compete against God of War: Ragnarok and Sifu as well as others, though it’s a daunting task. To name a few: Saints Row, Gotham Knights, The Callisto Protocol, Rainbow Six: Extraction, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been unable to live up to the expectations of many gamers including me. Are these games good? Yes, but they also could have the potential and budget to be much more than just footnotes for 2022.

Saints Row, Gotham Knights, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus are classified as having barren open worlds, and lacking in creativity. Of course, all three games come with their own distinct difficulties. I personally reviewed the last of the three titles, pointing out the way “A lack of vegetation, for example, is odd considering the game has an emphasis on nature and the wild, so the grassy lands should not feel so flat.” In continuation of my tangent, fighting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus was very clunky due to the agile and strong styles making a significant contribution to this view.

I could go on and on about how bad some of the most anticipated releases of 2022 however the fact is most of these titles although not bad, are lacking the features that could be taken into the top tier which is particularly disappointing in light of expectations, budgets, anticipation, and the hardware.

It’s unfair to put all of the blame on a few weak releases. Delays are equally responsible for sabotaging 2022’s chance to be one of the best years in gaming. Sons of the ForestHogwarts Legacy, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are set for release in 2023. Coronavirus is clearly continuing to have an impact on the industry. studios have suffered a loss of time over the last three years. This means that the disease will be a significant influence on the industry – as well as releases for the next two or three years.

The decision to delay Tears of the Kingdom until 2023 is an enormous loss, especially with its prequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild winning the 2017 Game of the Year award. The two titles Harry Potter and The Legend of Zelda have large and loyal fanbases, which means it’s likely that the two will be extremely popular upon launch. The list of titles that are delayed to the much-anticipated ForspokenAlan Wake 2, and Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor will provide a catalog of titles that have the greatest of possibilities.

While there’s no guarantee in the world of gaming but 2023 is sure to be an excellent year for gamers all over the world. If it’s a meaningful remaster or reboot, exciting sequels, or exciting indie titles, 2023 possesses a wide range of titles. Hopefully, delays are few and far from the norm as the industry works to heal from the effects of the pandemic. Whatever the case, the list of titles that are scheduled for release promises to be very exciting.

What games are you most excited to play for 2023?

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