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Why You Should Cut Fizzy Drinks From Your Diet

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Soda, also known as a fizzy drink because of its bubbly character is a sugary drink that is addictive and has made it into the mainstream of society over the past fifty years. The most popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other Sparletta drinks are enjoyed by millions of people around the world, earning billions of dollars each year. Consuming a lot of drinks that contain fizzy substances in a week is not a great choice for your health, since there are many factors to take into consideration such as the increase in the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain, possibly even damaging your teeth during the process. We’ll look at the reasons you should cut down on beverages that contain alcohol from your diet.

Reason #1: Diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread condition that affects blood sugar levels in the body. Blood glucose is the primary source of energy and if it rises quickly or decreases similarly, our bodies are unable to recuperate effectively. Blood glucose is derived from the food we eat and if you drink lots of high-sugar beverages like fizzy drinks, the risk of developing diabetes rises dramatically. Insulin, which is a hormone created by the pancreas, assists to regulate blood sugar levels. When you suffer from diabetes the pancreas isn’t able to regulate blood sugar levels, which could result in a myriad of health problems. Diabetes type one is inherited however type 2 diabetes is the result of lifestyle and diet.

Reason #2: Weight Gain

Weight gain refers to the increase of the weight of your body, which can increase fat deposits muscle mass, and excess fluid. Weight gain could be an indication of a medical issue and being obese or overweight can cause a variety of health problems. Fizzy drinks are packed with a lot of calories. So when combined with a lifestyle of sedentary and fizzy drinks, they can lead to an increase in weight quickly. This puts plenty of stress on your organs and can cause other issues such as depressive symptoms and low self-esteem.

Reason #3: Heart Disease

Heart disease is several ailments that can affect the health function of the heart. This can include coronary artery disease and even problems with the heart’s rhythm. We’ve seen how beverages that are sugary can increase the chances of developing the type 2 form of diabetes. The condition is directly associated with heart disease, which means that drinking a lot of fizzy drinks could cause you to develop heart disease. This has claimed the lives of numerous young people all over the world and is a sign that you the forty or so who suffer from heart attacks are so young age.

Reason #4: Damaging Your Teeth

The last thing to mention is that it is important to eliminate beverages that contain alcohol from your diet as they can affect your dental health over the long term. The term tooth decay refers to the loss of enamel (the hard outer layer of your teeth). Drinks with sugar trigger plaque-forming bacteria to release acids, which directly damage the enamel. Consuming lots of fizzy beverages, particularly late at night, and not remembering to clean your teeth following it, can cause catastrophic damage to your teeth over the long term. Make the switch to water and the majority of the problems discussed here will be problems of the past.

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