WWE 2K23 hides a secret John Cena action figure skin

WWE 2K23reportedly has an unveiled skin for John Cena which transforms the wrestler into an action-figure model of him. The information was discovered by data miners who were analyzing the games’ MyFaction mode which lets players form and strengthen a team of wrestlers for strategy warfare combat. Skins that are special to this mode are usually not available until players have completed matches. It’s not clear how the John Cena action figure skins are obtained.

In a deeper dive, YouTube content creator KingDeejj discovered the unique Action Figure John Cena MyFaction card, which allows users to manage the action figure in matches. The new version of John Cena has articulated joints and a face that keeps the same blank expression throughout gameplay In addition to the creepiness, it looks fantastic when in action.

The game’s brand-new lighting system makes each move seem more cinematic and performs exceptionally well in this game. Lights reflect through the back of the action figure and reflect off its glossy plastic shine. While it’s odd looking in comparison to other more realistic models of characters It’s an original concept that is executed flawlessly.

At present, the only problem is figuring out how to unlock this unique MyFaction John Cena version. John Cena.

Although data miners have managed to gather the data needed for the action figure regular gamers will have to wait until they hear more about its availability. It could be a special skin for an event planner or – the most likely scenario – it could be included in future Mattel action figure releases as a bonus purchase.

WWE 2K23 also comes with a variety of Locker Codes that allow you to unlock special cards as well as bonuses to play, and John Cena, the Action Figure, could be trapped by any of the codes.

However, it’s an excellent addition that should benefit players well every time he pops on the scene. Keep an eye on the site for more information regarding this exclusive outfit, and a complete review of the recently released WWE 2K23 on GamesHub.

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