YouTuber sets incredible new Super Mario 64 speedrun record

YouTuber GreenSuigi has set a fresh Super Mario 64 speedrun record that’s so impressive that other speedrunners are wondering if anyone could beat the record (thanks, GamesRadar). The speedrunning community refers to it as”the Mario 64 1 Star speedrun and, as the title implies, it’s about winning the race while collecting only one star.

It’s necessary to earn 70 stars in order to finish your Nintendo game when playing normally takes 10 hours or so. Speedrunners make use of a variety of loopholes as well as wall clips to get around the majority of the game’s progression gates and cut the running time considerably.

This record is barely seven minutes. That’s amazing considering that the game begins with a cutscene that cannot be skipped and runs for nearly a minute. GreenSuigi cut a couple of seconds off and ended the race in just 6 minutes and 558 seconds, the game that was, as fans also pointed out, nearly perfect.

GreenSuigi has been training for months and, just days prior to breaking the record, ran a couple of times which lasted more than 7 minutes. The seamless nature of the record-breaking performance also has other speedrunners on Reddit wondering whether anyone else is going to try to break GreenSuigi’s record.

“Absolutely insane run,” one participant stated. “It’s not unbeatable, but sub 7 was the final minute barrier so this is going kill any motivation to run the category.”

“It’s pretty close to unbeatable tbh, especially for anyone besides Luigi [sic],” another player replied. “Run is really really good.”

Speedrunners are always looking for ways to invent and improve their performance, regardless of the mood on Reddit there’s a good chance that you’ve seen someone looking to match GreenSuigi’s record already.

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